Stay Healthy & Be Productive

Healthy Tech is the windows application that will boost your productivity and improve your health by reminding you (or even forcing you) to take frequent breaks and adhere to your sleep schedule.


Overuse of computers can cause vision problems and physical health issues. These negative effects can be mitigated with calculated usage. That’s where healthy tech comes in.

Break Reminder

Healthy Tech quietly runs in the background and reminds you to sit up and stretch every few minutes (Or a specified amount of time).

Prevents Excessive Use

Using your computer for too long can take a toll on your health. Healthy Tech reminds you, or puts your computer to sleep, after too many hours of usage.

Sleep Reminder

Never miss bedtime again. Healthy Tech reminds you to go to sleep at a specified time. You can even put the computer to sleep or shut it down.

Fully Customizable

Make it yours! Customize every aspect of the application and find the perfect settings that fit your needs.

Choose the perfect plan

If you still find your self skipping your breaks and overusing your computer despite installing the free version. Premium is for you! 

With the premium version you can, set your screen to grayscale, decrease your sound volume and even disable your internet connection. Making your computer unusable and forcing you to stay off.

Free Trial

7 Day Trial

  • Break Reminder
  • Limit Maximum Computer Usage.
  • Sleep Reminder.
  • Fully Customizable.
  • Only For 7 Days.


From 3.99$

  • Break Reminder.
  • Limit Maximum Computer Usage.
  • Sleep Reminder.
  • Fully Customizable.
  • Many more features!

By downloading and using this software you agree to the End-User Licence Agreement


"A must for every office worker. I am much more productive and creative with this app."

Josh Laker

"Long hours where doing a number on my back, before i found this app. Now i cant live without it."

Cindy Cloverfield

Frequently asked questions

To activate your premium key, copy it from the order completed page or the email that was sent to you, and then:

  • Open Healthy Tech and click on “General Settings”.
  • Click the “ActivateKey” Button.
  • Paste your key and the email address you used to purchase the key and click the “Activate” button. Make sure you have version 2.3 or later installed.
  • After a successful activation all the premium features will be enabled!

A few days before the expiration of your licence an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to renew it.

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